Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stained Glass Bugs

I had been working hard delivering pamphlets on my motorbike all morning and I was tired and hot. I stopped by the seaside for a break. The sky was briliant blue, the sea sparkled and there were flowers still on the poinciana trees, but the brightest thing of all was the tiniest.

The first one I saw was electric blue and if it is not called the“Stained Glass Bug” then it should be. It crawled along the trunk of a tree near me. I took lots of photos and then I sat on a bench by the sea to eat my lunch.
I caught a flash of colour from the corner of my eye and found that it had followed me. Even more surprising was that two others had joined us, one orange and one yellow.

Insects love me and I am often covered in enough mossie bites to look like a well pinned voodoo doll. This time I was covered in enough extra strength insect repellant to discourage a full sized rhino, but somehow the bugs found me anyway.

Every day I find new things to amaze. If you know what they are called, please share. It is the first time I have seen these, and I hope not the last.