Thursday, September 2, 2010

Artistic and Elegant and Deposits on the Stairs

It is my first morning house sitting in the beautiful old and leafy suburb of Sherwood in Brisbane. It is quite a change from the farm house I was just in. This home belongs to a New Zealand family that have gone to Europe and England. It is a modern boxlike building that takes up most of the small narrow block. There is just enough room at the front for a double garage and a small pool, and at the back for an outside dining room and a small garden that is artfully landscaped. Inside their home is beautiful; all modern angles, tasteful art and classic furniture.

All I have to do to deserve this luxury is to look after two adorable Siamese cats and water the garden. Unless of course it rains for days and I have to turn a few switches on the pool system or fill up the container of pool acid. I know, I know, I am very spoilt.

I just love house sitting. You get all the advantages of living in a home without the responsibility of mortgages, rates or even power, phone and electricity bills. It’s a wonderful way to live.

Inside the house I have a choice of 23 comfortable places to sit and work this morning, and that is just downstairs. Upstairs there is a whole other living room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and the office. I might sit outside later. There are only four seats out there but the lady of the house told me before she left that she has plans to get two more for just outside the back doors. If I add them all up that makes 37 seats and I usually start work sitting up in bed. Hah… I didn’t dare stay there this morning.

The Siamese cats are very elegant and adorable. I got up this morning to feed them and opened up a can of tuna and whitebait that would have looked quite at home in a restaurant, it just needed a bed of salad.

I put on some classic French café music and settled into my elegant surroundings. Then the elegant stylish cats sat on the elegant stylish stairs and puked up their breakfast.

I have every sympathy for them. I have never been able to eat whitebait either.

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