Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mudgee Rocks!

About 30 minutes out of Mudgee in New South Wales, and maybe ten minutes from each other, are two National treasures.

The first is Hands on rock, a long wall face with hand imprints made hundreds of years ago by local aboriginal people. The walk in is almost eerie and there is a real presence here, a feeling of serenity and untamed beauty. Wild and crooked branches grow up out of the ground and rocks seem piled into turrets and towers, reminiscent of crumbled English castles.

The other formation is called The Drip. It is a large curved, pancake layered cliff wall with enough water flowing over it to keep it green and mossy. At the bottom is a pool of water littered with rocks.

The walk into this location is a feature in itself. I took photos of giant boulders, scattered along the stream like giants bowling balls, rocks with pockmark type holes I dubbed Swiss Cheese Rocks, and another looking suspiciously like a skull.

I was in Mudgee for weeks before I heard of these locations. Even friends who lived locally had not mentioned them. I think they were some of the most stunning I have ever seen. Phil, who has lived in Australia all his life says there are many, many more across the country.

I loved them so much; I used the photos I took to design a t-shirt. a mouse pad and a mug.

Thanks to Red Nomad Oz and her blog about Australian Gorges, that reminded me about my visit to Mudgee and inspired me to revisit the photos. I wrote about these rocks before so if you want to see more photos, check back to the post I wrote last year.

p.s. If you want to see some really magnificent travel photos I have just downloaded a free book of 25 amazing photos from Gary Arndt. I can't wait to read about his travels.


diane b said...

I have been to Mudgee a few times but haven't heard of some of these lovely locations. I have been to Frog Rock winery. I have a shirt and bracelet with frogs from there. I love frogs. I visited Mudgee way back in the 50's it was a hick country town then. You might like to check the post:

nikki said...

Oh my Diane. I visited your post and loved your beautiful photos of an earlier time. You look so cute and so carefree.
I think the swimming pool is still there. The one I went to last year certainly looked old enough.
The rock formations I went out to don't seem to be that well advertised for such stunning attractions and I passed Frgo Rock for weeks without noticing it. I look for geocaches and that is how I found them.

Red Nomad OZ said...

I remember your Frog Rock post - glad to have inspired another post! I've got similar photos from several very different places around the country - including the Grampians (Vic), Cania Gorge (QLD) and Yorke Peninsula (SA). What's going on!!!

Nikki said...

It must be an intergalactic frog rock invasion.... [:)]

^^^ ^^^

Manzanita said...

Yes, that type of rock looks like Red's Golton Gorge. I see the name is cheese rock. At the time when I saw her's I thought it looked like it was carved out with an ice cream. Cheese makes more sense.

Nikki said...

Oh now I feel bad. I called that picture Cheese Rock but I don't think it has a name. It was a photo I took near the other rocks in Mudgee.
I can just see an ice cream scoop making those holes. Not much taste in it though...

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Thanks for this great post -- and you are one gutsy lady! I loved your Christmas experience post below -- and reading some of your backgroudn. I'll be back to browse around some more. Thanks for visiting FT-L -- I'm glad I found you.

Nikki said...

Thanks for the kind words Sallie
I am glad I found you too. I learn something new from everyones posts. I have just visited your pelican post. What a cute bird that brown one is.