Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Virtually Sunny Christmas

It is raining.

I am staying on Queenslands sunny Gold Coast but the last two days have been one long shower of light patter on the roof interspersed by short bursts of thunderous rain that looks bizarrely like a thousand bead curtains have burst their strings and let millions of tiny shining beads fall from the sky at once.

Water fills all the gutters and gullies and droplets bounce lightly off the water in the backyard pool.

What a way to spend a Christmas.

And yet ..... I have sunshine where it counts.

I am living in a comfortable house arranged to make the most of the outdoor space. There is a big screen tv with lots of new movies and WII dance and sports. I have plenty of food in my cupboard and gifts under my tree.

But the best thing is my family. On Christmas day I spent time with two of my boys and had chatty phone calls with two of the others. My youngest son and I went swimming in the pool, and lay on our backs letting the rain fall on our faces. I also spoke to several far away friends.

I am so lucky.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish for you a spectacularly successful new year.

Best Wishes


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