Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tweed Heads Breakwater

I am in awe of the powerful beauty of this area.
A long finger of land juts out into the ocean from the southern side of Tweed Heads. It is a 5 metre wide track bordered on both sides by massive rocks that hold back the ocean. On one side the waves are huge churning froths of spray leading into the rippling river mouth. On the other the slightly less angry waves roll powerfully into shore while a hardy group of surfers sit waiting for the perfect wave to propel them into the each. It is a holiday Monday. Not much between a ride on a wave and a pummeling on the rocks. A sign says rocks and a wreck make the area unsafe.
It is surreal standing out to sea and looking into shore as if I was a god of the sea. Something on the seabed curls the water into white foam that thunders onto the rocks and sends showers of spray high into the air. I feel I should be Mickey mouse waving my wand as the sea churns and froths into lacy patterns on the icy looking water beneath. I take photos none of which will convey the majesty of this place. Sight. Sound. Feel of wind and even a taste of salt on my skin.
The picture just does not do it justice.
I am the only person in sight who is on their own and I don’t mind. I miss Phil who is working but in his absence I am happily exploring solo. It is only thanks to him that I am even here at all. I have his car and he has paid for the petrol so l can go exploring while he works 12 hours a day for 18 days in a row. While he is working out complicated database problems I am listening to the powerful sound of the surf crashing against the rocks below and watching two young boys haul in two small silvery fish. I am so lucky and I struggle to enjoy it without feeling a little guilty about the discrepancy in our roles. I relax and try to fill in the time while knowing he can’t relax for 5 more hours. When does finish work he will have only just enough time to eat, shower and exercise before it is bedtime.
How lucky am I?

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