Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exploding light bulbs and magnetic tunnels

There is a new tunnel under Brisbane City. It is called the Clem7 and it runs for 4.8km under the city and river. They say you can avoid 24 sets of traffic lights in the city by using the tunnel, but I don’t care. I like to see sky, even in the city. I don’t like that claustrophobic feeling I get when I realise there are tons of earth on top of me and I don’t want to breathe the enclosed air, especially on a motorbike. Most importantly, … I don’t want to pay the toll. It is against my principles to pay to travel on roads. That’s what taxes are for.

So, when I went into town recently for an interview, I tried to avoid it, really I did, but because I missed a turn off, I found myself on the road to the tunnel. Signs warned about goods prohibited in the tunnel. Notices advised that it was cheaper until May. I knew it was coming.

I was trapped briefly with huge trucks looming over me on all sides until a small gap appeared and I made a quick escape to a side road.

I stopped the bike and called for advice. It seemed I could avoid the tunnel by staying left. I was relieved as I passed the tunnel entrance and headed into the city above ground.

Ten minutes later, I realised I must have passed the turn off to my destination so I set up my GPS and followed its instructions. Back onto the highway and … back into the other end of the tunnel.

After I had finished complaining and whining in my helmet, I tried to relax and enjoy the trip. If I wasn’t so annoyed about being late for my appointment I might have enjoyed the chance to visit the city. At the end of the day I had travelled over the Story Bridge and the Captain Cook Bridge. I had followed the riverside esplanade built over the river and been in the new tunnel. I saw the stadium and the hospital and many parks. It could have been a nice tour if I had the time to enjoy it.

And ..... I might have been a little less frazzled if I had not been up so late the night before. I was still working on my laptop when my older son came home in the early hours of the morning, so I got up and turned on the light for him ….. or tried to. There was a loud bang and the light bulb flew across the room.

Some times I don’t even have to go out to find adventure.

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