Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Grandma on a bike

Technically I have always been a grandma on a bike but now I feel every year of my age. I am riding around on a powerful motorbike at 70kns at most and bracing myself for a sudden stop and a quick flight over the handle bars.

I know something is wrong with the bike as it sounds “funny”. It is kind of chugging along like an old steam train and when I stop the engine seems almost hot enough to produce steam. Yesterday the chain came unstuck and the bike skidded to a halt. Luckily I wasn’t going fast.

RACQ came with their enormous truck, (I am so glad I have RACQ). Unfortunately they didn’t have the straps they needed to secure the bike so they had to send a second truck. People driving by must have wondered what kind of a tragic accident needed that sort of attention. Not that small bike surely?

They finally got me home where I had another go at tightening the chain. It should be okay but what do I know? I have only been riding a bike for the last 5 months and I never intended to be a mechanic.

My bike is not very old but it seems to be going through a midlife crisis. It used to run beautifully but now it has all sorts of new problems.

  1. I need a new rear tyre. It started off as a slow leak. By using a pan of water I found the leak was at the site of my last puncture repair. I redid the repair and the next day ……. I had a fast leak and no air at all.

   2. It may have engine trouble. As well as the noise, it has been leaking water and using oil really fast. At least it didn’t spray me with hot coolant like it did on my last long trip.

   3. There was a rubber strap hanging down that wasn’t there before the great chain lock incident. I had it glued up again so when it gets hot I get the aroma of hot glue inside my helmet.

My poor bike needs some care and attention from experts. I suppose it could be because I have done nearly 9000kms since December. That is a lot of travel and a lot of wonderful adventures. Roll on the next 9000. But first …. Where is the nearest bike shop?

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