Friday, May 28, 2010

Geocaching - A Worldwide Treasure Hunt

Rummaging around in the undergrowth of neighbourhood parks is one of my favourite hobbies. Occasionally it leads to suspicious looks, but it is perfectly innocent; I am searching for geocaches.

A geocache is a small container that people hide for others to find using a GPS device. The most common caches are made from film canisters, eclipse containers or plastic lunch boxes but they can be any size as long as they can contain a log book for visitors to sign. They are usually camouflaged in some way and are sometimes hidden in items designed to look like something else.

I am getting better at this but there are still some I have not been able to find. I went back three times to one location until I found it exactly where the clue said it was. It was well hidden and only the size of the top of my thumb.

There are at least 1,300,000 hidden around the world and they are hidden everywhere from central cities to suburban parks and remote mountain bush walks. There are thousands of caches hidden in Queensland, including 440 within 10kms of central Brisbane. I have found 37.

I was going to write a blog to tell you about how it works, but then I found his cool video on Youtube that explains the sport. Enjoy ......

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