Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Winter in Queensland is harsh....

It’s the middle of winter here in Queensland Australia, and so cold that yesterday I had to put a long sleeved t-shirt on over my shorts. Brrrrr ...... lol.

Spare a thought for the poor Queenslander. We can only go swimming on the clear sunny days and we need a jumper in the evening if we go for a walk.
Yesterday a neighbour said “Isn’t it cold?” and I thought …. No. Not really.

It is cold in Wellington, New Zealand where they recently had five days of rain in a row, and it is extremely cold in the Antarctic where my friend lived for 18 months. Queenslanders are lucky.

Here is it is midwinter and the temperature ranges all the way from 20C down to 9C on a cold night. When I am cold, I only have to remember my last winter in wet and windy Wellington, New Zealand, and it puts a warm smile on my face.

I love this about Queensland, but then I started thinking about all those of you who are not so lucky to be in this climate and so I decided to write about the disadvantages of winter here. Just for you.

Well, let's see. .....  There is advertising on the lawn. Yes really. In Wellington everything is wrapped in plastic and stuffed carefully into your letterbox because of the wind and rain. Here they deliver newspapers and junk mail by throwing it from a car. Since it is rolled into a log big enough to stun someone with it is quite a hazard.

And ... ummm ... well that’s all I can think of.

Winter in Queensland? It’s awesome!!

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Red Nomad OZ said...

Hi Nikki! Thanx for dropping in the other day - great to hear from you!! Have experienced the cold QLD winter weather too - all I can say is head further north!! See you round!!