Monday, June 21, 2010

The Cheapest Accommodation in Brisbane

I am staying in a lovely home in an outer suburb of Brisbane. I have my own comfortable bedroom with a queen sized bed and reading lamp. There is everything I need here, including a pool, and a wide screen TV and for this I pay nothing.

Next week I move to a home just several minutes from the centre of Brisbane city and as well as all the usual benefits of a lovely home, the food is included, yet still I pay nothing.

It’s called house sitting and I am fairly new to this but I love it.

My first house sitting role came with a wonderful assortment of feathered visitors. If you have seen the bird photos on my website Surprising Australia, most of those photos were taken at this house. Cockatoos, parakeets, magpies, lorikeets and pigeons; that place had them all, along with three adorable dogs with great personalities. They were so much fun to take for walks.

Next month, I will spend two weeks on a farm in outer Brisbane with a friendly old dog, a miniature horse and a few heavy and serious looking steer.

It is a real bonus of the job that most of the house sits come with animals to look after.

There are two dogs where I am now and as I write this they have their little faces pressed up against the glass. They are so cute that is quite hard to concentrate. My next home has two little fluffy terriers and after the farm I head out to a cat home.

Most people want a house sitter because they have pets that need caring for, but sometimes the family just wants someone to be there for security or to keep the grass cut and mailbox from overflowing.

I have just written an introduction to House Sitting so if you want to know more, check it out my Squidoo page. Maybe you can be a house sitter. It’s lots of fun and a great way to see the country.

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