Monday, June 28, 2010

Turkeys in the garden, carpet in the bush and sausage trees

I am house-sitting for the next few weeks in a lovely neighbourhood near Brisbane. I look after two little white fluffy puffballs and take them for walks in the local area. I love to explore Australian parks and the local one is quite surprising.

As well as a children’s playground and a very nice little bridge, it has its own small flock of wild turkeys. They forage in the bush and add some charm to an otherwise insignificant park.

The bridge spans a small ravine which is a shortcut from one street to another. I decided to explore under the bridge the other day and imagine my amazement when I found that they had laid pieces of carpet along the track. It looked like it even had underlay in places.

At one end it is gold and at the other it looks like grey loop pile. It’s hard to tell because it is worn and rotting. The photos didn’t come out too well but they do show the texture.

I did wonder if it was laid by the same person that left an old armchair behind a nearby tree.

As if that wasn’t enough I walked a bit further yesterday and found a group of what can only be called sausage trees. They are covered in long dangly strings with bulbous sausage like pods hanging on them.

Every day is another reminder that the world is full of interesting things. What have you discovered?

Feel free to share your most surprising discoveries in the comments section.

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